UCATS Rallies for a Fair Contract

Wednesday, October 25, 4:30-6:30
Over 150 UCATS members and supporters sustained a spirited rally today for two full hours.  The weather was great and we were noisy. We were joined by about a dozen supporters from the Professional Staff Congress which represents CUNY faculty and staff, members from GSOC at NYU and members of the United College Employees at FIT.  With just 6 days to contract expiration and only 2 more bargaining sessions scheduled it is difficult to imagine that a contract will be settled by expiration on the 31st. The purpose of the rally was to compel NYU to stop dawdling and start bargaining. We have put at least 20 proposals on the table and NYU has responded to just 2. NYU says they have proposals but they have not shared those proposals with us for our consideration. I have been on the UCATS contract bargaining teams since 1993 and never has NYU made themselves so unavailable for bargaining. To date, they have only made themselves available for 2 hours once a week since mid-September. This is not the behavior one would expect from an employer committed to reaching an agreement and it speaks volumes about NYU’s indifference to the well-being of their employees.
Stephen Rechner
President, UCATS