UCATS Achievements

Wages-Increased every year since 1979
Health Insurance-Individual and dependent coverage at affordable negotiated rates
Job Security and Layoff Protection
Additional Pay Increases-At 4, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service
Transfer Rights-Vacancies posted 5 days for internal applicants only before public posting
Reclassification-Right to request grade promotion when responsibilities increase; NYU must make determination in 3 months
Childcare Fund-Currently $140,000 (2015)
Overtime Pay-Time-and-a-half pay after 35 hours
Sick time-Can accumulate 120 days; can use for doctor’s appointments and care of sick children, family and domestic partners.
Pension-A defined benefit pension plan (provides income for life) at no cost; vesting in just 5 years.
Essential Personnel-Time-and-a-half pay when required to work when NYU closed for weather emergency or other unexpected reasons.
Long-term Disability-$750/month