Tentative Agreement Reached

After a 7-and-a-half–hour bargaining session on Tuesday, December 4, that concluded at 9:45 pm, UCATS reached a tentative agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with NYU. As per Article XI of the UCATS constitution, the tentative agreement must now be submitted to the UCATS Executive Council (EC) for approval. The EC will be meeting on Monday evening to consider the tentative agreement. If approved by the EC, the tentative CBA will then be submitted to the membership for ratification. The bargaining team is currently preparing a document aggregating all of the changes/additions/improvements we have negotiated which will be posted to our website as soon as possible after the EC has approved the tentative CBA on Monday. We will send you an email when that has occurred. We will also do a postcard mailing to the entire membership. In the meantime, please do not call the union office or press a member of the bargaining team for specifics on the issue(s) near and dear to you. While we respect your right to know, we also have to respect everyone’s right to know at the same time and everyone’s right to know the entirety of the agreement, and that can only happen efficiently after the EC has met on Monday.

Ratification will be conducted by mail ballot and be administered by the American Arbitration Association. Given the timing, we hope to get the ballots into the mail before the holidays but the process will likely not conclude until January. Shortly, we will announce a number of membership meetings during the week of December 18 for you to have an opportunity to ask questions and express your opinions to the bargaining team. The meeting schedule will be announced by email, postcard and on our website. The meetings will be scheduled at different times and locations to accommodate the many schedules our members work and where you work.

While our work is not quite yet finished, we have entered what we hope to be the final phase. On behalf of the bargaining team I want to thank all who attended our rallies, wore your union buttons and kept up to date by reading our email. Please hang in there just a little longer while we dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

In solidarity,
Stephen Rechner
President, UCATS