Raise/Retropay Implementation

The timeline for implementation of the 3% raise and retropay articulated in our newly ratified Collective Bargaining Agreement:
1. The wage increase will be implemented for the pay cycle that has a pay date of March 16, 2018
2. Retropay going back to September 4, 2017 will also be included in the pay cycle dated March 16, 2018*
3. Longevity increases for those who qualify will be in the following pay period with a pay date of March 30, 2018. Definition of “Those Who Qualify” – members who had passed at least one longevity step under the old contract will receive the difference between the most recent step they passed and the increased step amount that we negotiated in the new contract. For example, if your most recent step increase was for 10 years you will receive a weekly increase of $3 because you received a $7 increase under the old contract and the new 10-year step increase is $10.

*Please do not call or email the union office to complain about the tax consequences of having your retropay lumped in with your regular pay check. We cannot negotiate withholding taxes. At the end of the year your taxes are based on your annual income and the amount of your annual taxes will be the same regardless of how the retropay is implemented.