Planning for Retirement

Planning for Retirement:
CLICK HERE to go to NYU’s Planning for Retirement webpage;

Union-Negotiated NYU Staff Pension Plan:
CLICK HERE to go to the union-negotiated NYU Staff Pension Plan Summary Plan Description;
CLICK HERE to go to the Milliman Benefits website. Milliman is the NYU Staff Pension Plan administrator. This is where you apply for your union-negotiated NYU Staff Pension when you are ready to retire.

How is my union-negotiated NYU Staff Pension calculated?
The math for determining your union-negotiated pension benefit can be found on page 15 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Article 20. When you log in to the Milliman Benefits website it will give you an estimate of how much your monthly pension will be if you are 65 (or over) and retiring immediately. If, having applied for your pension, you believe that Milliman has miscalculated your benefit, you should first contact Millman for an explanation/resolution. If they do not explain/resolve the issue to your satisfaction then you should contact PeopleLink, NYU’s benefits and payroll service center, at or 212-992-5465.

Retiree Health Benefits:
CLICK HERE for information on NYU retiree health, dental and vision benefits.

Social Security:
CLICK HERE to apply for Social Security Retirement benefits.