Pay Raise Effective September 2

CONGRATULATIONS! Your 2019 union-negotiated 2.5% raise takes effect on
September 2nd.* This marks 40 consecutive years that every UCATS member has received a union-negotiated raise. 40 YEARS! And, every UCATS member gets the full 2.5% raise – whether or not your boss wrote you a flattering performance evaluation or you laughed at the bosses jokes this year or a Dean says there is money in your school’s budget. Over the last 40 years UCATS has also negotiated many other valuable benefits on your behalf which include: Longevity Increases, Paid Family Leave, Childcare Subsidy, Retirement Benefits that include a Defined Benefit Pension Plan option, Marital Benefits for Same-Sex Couples (20 years BEFORE same-sex marriage legalized), Long-term Disability Benefit, Affordable Health Insurance and MORE Vacation Days.
On behalf of the UCATS leadership team – You’re welcome!

What’s the secret of our success? YOU! UCATS members supporting the work of your leadership team. And there is no better, or MORE FUN, way to support your team, and the work we do on you behalf, than by joining us for the Labor Day Parade on Saturday, September 7th! (The parade is definitely on Saturday, September 7th, so it will not impose on the long weekend.). CLICK HERE for time and place. Sign up before September 7th and get a FREE UCATS Tee Shirt! Bring your family and friends!