Feb. 24, 11 am-Working People’s Day of Action

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear the most dangerous anti-worker case in a generation, working people are taking a stand. Thousands of union members from across the state will take to the streets at 11 am this Sunday, February 24, in Foley Square in Manhattan for a mass demonstration in defense of all working people. We need you in the UCATS contingent.

Take a stand for UCATS and the new Collective Bargaining Agreement you ratified just last month. Our power as workers has always come from mass action: Saturday will give us a chance to make that power visible. The Supreme Court may decide against workers in the Janus v. AFSCME case, but it cannot strip us of the power we have when we take a stand together.

UCATS will bring the signs. We will assemble with our sisters and brothers from the Professional Staff Contress (PSC-CUNY) at the south east corner of Lafayette St. and Worth St. at 10:45 am.