April 9, 5:30 pm, Membership Meeting/Election Notice

Monday, April 9, 2018
5:30 pm, 636 Broadway, 4th Fl. Conference Rm.

The primary business of the meeting* will be to nominate and elect our Delegates to the
2018 American Federation of Teachers Convention

Dates/Time/Location: July 13 – 9:00am to July 16 – 12:00pm at the Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA. The Convention is a governance event where delegates determine the priorities of the AFT for the coming 2 years. Delegates must be able to travel to Pittsburgh on Thurs., July 12, and cannot book return travel before 2pm on Mon., July 16.

Election procedures:
►All UCATS members are eligible to make nominations, and to be nominated themselves, for Delegate positions.
►There are 6 Delegate positions available. If there are more than 6 nominees, the 6 nominees with the most votes will be Delegates   and the remaining nominees will be registered for the Convention as Alternate Delegates. In the event a Delegate withdraws prior to   the Convention, the next Alternate Delegate with the most votes will be offered the vacant Delegate position.
►Nominations will be accepted prior to the meeting and at the meeting.
►Voting will be by secret ballot at the meeting by those members present at the meeting.
►To make a nomination prior to the meeting, or if you have questions about being a Delegate, email UCATS President Stephen Rechner, ucatspres3882@hotmail.com, or call the UCATS office at 646-602-1485.

*You may present other issues for discussion but please contact the union office prior to the meeting so we can add your issue(s) to the agenda.