Coronavirus Crisis Updates

UCATS Coronavirus Update 3
March 20, 2020
Taking action is a great antidote to fear and sadness in difficult times. Here are some things you can do at home on your computer or phone:
1. Take the 2020 Census. It is essential that every New Yorker be counted (and NJ, PA, CT too!). An accurate Census ensures our representation in Congress and federal funding for public schools and Medicaid. There are no citizenship questions on the form. Do it now!
2. Write your members of Congress to pass important legislation that will help laid off workers, not big corporations. The easiest way to get started is to send letters prepared by our national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers. You can edit the letters to your taste or send them as written. To get started, sign up on the
AFT Action Network webpage.

Coronavirus Update 2
March 17, 2020
Today NYU President Hamilton announced the closing of NYU dorms and that online classes and teleworking will continue through the end of the semester. With that announcement it appears, for the time being, that NYU remains committed to all of their employees through the end of the semester. What happens after the end of the semester is anyone’s guess, but today’s announcement is a good sign. We have had no communication from NYU that anyone’s job is at risk.
If you should find yourself experiencing symptoms, here are some resources you should know about:
Virtual visits with NYU Langone or United Healthcare
NYU Langone virtual urgent care (PDF)
United Healthcare virtual visits
Co-pays will be waived for virtual visits through network providers who deliver virtual care, such as live video conferencing, through June 4, 2020. Virtual visits were made for times like these – when you need a doctor but shouldn’t go out.

UCATS Coronavirus Update
March 12, 2020

  • UCATS has been (for 3 weeks now) and continues to be in discussions with NYU regarding COVID-19 and the issues and impacts for UCATS members.
  • NYU has been and continues to follow the recommendations of the CDC and state and local health authorities.
  • UCATS has requested that UCATS members be able to work remotely, if possible.  Clearly not all UCATS members have duties that can be performed remotely.  Telecommuting for UCATS members is something that NYU is considering, where possible, given the current state of affairs. This is most likely if NYU decides to shut down the campus.  It appears the telecommuting option may be happening now in at least one area (the Law School).  We now recommend people ask their supervisor to see if they can get approval. Supervisors and NYU do not have to agree to this in any or every situation.
  • If you are using your work phone for the Multi-factor Authorization when logging in to NYU Home, you will have to go the the NYU START PAGE and register your cell phone to work from home.
  • If anyone is high-risk under the CDC guidelines, they can contact the NYU Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) to request reasonable accommodations given the situation.  That could include requests for an adjusted work schedule or to work remotely.  if not, they can go to the OEO.  Medical verification will be required.
  • NYU would like to stay open to continue to provide work and pay for all employees as well as to continue their educational, research and operational functions.
  • Even if NYU shuts down, some UCATS members will be deemed “essential” personnel and will still be required to come to work; they will receive the time and one half pay we were able to negotiate into our Collective Bargaining Agreement in 2011.
  • People need to understand that NYU (and no employer) is obligated to pay employees who are not working but one of our priorities is to ensure that all UCATS members continue to be paid even in the event of a shut-down.  However, there can be no guarantee that NYU would pay people who aren’t working indefinitely.
  • Carebridge Life Resources, the union-negotiated Employee Assistance Program, is available 24/7/365 to assist with stress, anxiety and other issues you may be experiencing.
    NYU Coronavirus Information and Resources
    NYU Tech Guide to Teleworking
    NYU Coronavirus Information for Employees

March 4, 2020

UCATS is engaged in conversation with NYU about their Pandemic Plan. Presently, NYU has made no commitments about what will happen in the event that they must shut down a building, a college/administrative unit, or the entire university. They have stated that there will be no pay check distribution or check cashing services during a shutdown so if you are not enrolled in Direct Deposit you should do so right now.

Our national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers, has compiled an extensive amount of information about the coronavirus which you can access HERE, and they have also prepared a bulletin specifically for Higher Ed faculty/staff.

Our conversations with NYU are ongoing and we will update this page as things develop.