Contract Extended through Nov. 30, 2017

Our contract was set to expire October 31 but at our bargaining session with NYU on October 30 we negotiated an extension of our current agreement through November 30th to protect our contractual rights and all the terms and conditions of our employment.
Although we’ve been negotiating with NYU since September 18th and have had 8 bargaining sessions to date, NYU just started responding to some of our proposals in the last 2 sessions. We have seen some encouraging things from them but also some things that are not so encouraging.
At this time, many of our priority issues remain unaddressed such as: wages, limiting our ever-expanding job duties, concrete ways of recognizing years of service and a lot more.
We would have liked to have had more and longer bargaining sessions with NYU prior to the contract’s expiration, but NYU’s Director of Labor Relations, Sandi Dubin, did not make her team available. We have bargaining sessions scheduled on November 2, 7, and 14. More sessions may be needed.
With key issues unaddressed at this time, NYU could throw us a curve ball that could set everything back, so be sure to stay alert for possible contract support actions like last Wednesday’s spirited 2-hour rally.