Bulletin Board

  • Roles and Responsibilities of Stewards & Officers

    Roles & Responsibilities of Stewards/Officers StewardsStewards are required to attend a monthly meeting of the council where decisions affecting UCATS are made, resources are allocated and member engagement activities are planned. Stewards may also attend step one and two grievance meetings (with assistance and training), keep members informed of union activities, write for the newsletter and may also attend conferences and conventions. There is always plenty to do so you will not be compelled to do anything with which you are not comfortable. PresidentThe President shall be the chief executive officer of the Union. He/she shall preside at the meetings of the Executive Council and general membership. He/she shall report to the membership on the action of the Executive Council. He/she shall administer policy established by the Executive Council and the general membership. The President shall propose a budget to the Executive Council and submit a budget report at the close of his/her term. The President will be spokesperson for the Union. Vice President (2 positions)In the absence of the President, the Executive Council shall designate which Vice President shall assume the duties and responsibilities of the President. The Vice Presidents shall perform such other duties as the President may designate. The Vice Presidents shall supervise and coordinate the activities of the temporary and permanent committees. The division of work between the two Vice Presidents shall be recommended and approved by the Executive Council once they have been elected. TreasurerThe Treasurer shall be responsible for the accurate keeping of financial records, the payment of all bills, and all other duties as usual to that office. SecretaryThe Secretary shall be responsible for the minutes of the Executive Council and the general membership meetings. The Secretary shall supervise the dissemination of information to the membership, conduct the correspondence of the Union, and supervise files and non-financial records and other duties as usual to the office.

  • Notice of Election

    UCATS Membership Meeting/Notice of Election Nominations for Executive Council Term 2019-2021 When: Thursday, March 14, 2019, 5:30 pm Where: Furman Hall, 245 Sullivan St., Room C10 CLICK HERE FOR ELECTION PROCEDURES On April 30, 2019, the terms of all stewards and officers of the UCATS Executive Council expire. Council elections ensure that your union is run democratically. The UCATS constitution and the Landgrum-Griffin Law require the current Executive Council to conduct an election every 2 years and to notify each member of the election. It is your responsibility as a member to elect your leadership team by nominating your fellow UCATS members who you want to represent you on the Council and, if you wish, to be nominated for a position on the council yourself. Nominations for stewards and officers will be taken at the meeting. If you have questions and/or are interested in joining the Executive Council, please call UCATS at 646-602-1485. We will schedule information/training sessions on Council service prior to the March 14 meeting based on the expressed interest of members who let us know when they want to have them. The session(s) will not commit you to running for office but will rather, help you make that decision, one way or the other.

  • Tax Tips for UCATS Members

    Beginning this year you can deduct your union dues from your New York State income taxes if you choose to itemize. Furthermore, beginning this year, you can also Itemize your state income taxes even if you have chosen the standard deduction on your federal income taxes. These two changes to the New York State tax code are a result of legislation championed by our state federation, New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) and the AFL-CIO. Before you do your federal taxes you should also review 15 Things NYSUT Members Need to Know About the New Tax Law which has been prepared for NYSUT members by Kiplinger's. As a member of UCATS you are also a member of NYSUT.