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  • NLRB Notice on NYU Home


    Collective bargaining keeps members safe You may have seen a notice from NYU posted at your office or on NYU Home. It reads “Notice to Employees” inside a large blue banner at the top of your NYU Home page, but the rest is pretty vague. What’s the story? It all started when a UCATS member came to work one morning. As she was the first employee to enter the building, a stranger pushed his way in behind her and proceeded to run rampant through the small building that had no NYU Public Safety officer on site. Thankfully, she locked herself in a room away room away from the intruder and called NYU public safety. NYPD arrived but after the intruder had been detained, no one came to look for our member or search for others who could have been in the building. Not public safety, not management, not the police. She sat alone terrified. Based on how the incident was handled, it was apparent NYU lacked sufficient procedures for NYU Public Safety personnel to follow in these types of situations. UCATS leaders and organizers were outraged to hear this story and immediately requested copies of relevant NYU public safety protocols. We were clear: this can never happen again. At first, NYU said they were gathering the requested information but after UCATS pressed for more than 3 months, NYU refused to provide the safety information. This was a pressing issue for all of us. As this incident showed, it isn’t an abstract concern! UCATS took the case to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the government body responsible for enforcing workers’ rights. Finally, just before the NLRB hearing, NYU relented and agreed that our union has the right to review information about the safety of our members. As part of the settlement with the NLRB, NYU agreed to discuss the safety protocols with UCATS representatives which resulted, in part, in the notice about when to call 911 and when to call NYU Public Safety sent recently to all members of the NYU community. It also included the NLRB notice. Do you have safety concerns at work? UCATS WILL ENFORCE YOUR RIGHTS. Get in touch with your steward, or contact the union office. We’ll make a plan together. Your concerns will stay confidential and no action will be taken without your consent.
  • Executive Council Election Results

    HERE is a list of the UCATS members who will be serving on our Executive Council for the May 1, 2019-April 30, 2021 term. Congratulations to all who have been elected. The current leadership team wishes to thank EVERYONE who participated in the election process including three members who ran in contested districts who were  not elected and the following members who served on the Election Committee: Piper Meikle-Chair Yvette Bisono Denise To Gail Thomas Sharon Town Barbara Newsome Adrienne Slater Eric Warren