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  • Deadline Extended for Returning Ratification Ballots

    UCATS reached a tentative agreement with NYU for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement on December 5. The tentative agreement is not our new contract, however, unless and until it is ratified by a majority of UCATS members who vote in the ratification election which is being conducted by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Ratification ballots were mailed to the home address you have on file with NYU on December 18. If you have not received your ballot, or you need a new ballot for any reason, please call the AAA at 1-800-529-5218 ASAP. Unfortunately, the AAA gave us an incorrect 800 number that was communicated to our 400 members who receive email and caused to to have to delay a postcard mailing to our members who prefer to receive union information by snail-mail. Consequently, we have extended the deadline for the return of ballots to January 26 at 9 am. If you have already returned your ballot – Thank you!

  • Dec. 18 Member Meetings Re: Tentative Agreement

    MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS Monday, December 18, 12-2, College of Dentistry, Rm. 301 Monday, December 18, 4-6:30 pm, Kimmel, Rm. 914 Members of the UCATS Bargaining Team will be on hand to answer your questions and receive feedback about the TENTATIVE CONTRACT. The UCATS Bargaining Team worked very hard to bring you this agreement. We had 17 bargaining sessions with NYU, each of which was preceded by a prep meeting, 4 Saturday training/strategic planning meetings since January, organized 3 rallies, and spent countless lunch hours distributing leaflets, union buttons, swag and getting information to you. We kept our website updated and substantially grew our member email list. Our organizing staff, Linda Wambaugh and Leo Sanchez, did a fantastic job keeping us all pulling in the same direction. It is now up to you, the members of UCATS, to vote to ratify (or not ratify) the tentative agreement. The ratification vote will be conducted by the American Arbitration Association. Paper ballots will be mailed to your home the week of Dec. 18 with instructions. The deadline for returning ballots will be in mid-January so you will have plenty of time to consider your decision. The UCATS Executive Council strongly recommends that you vote to ratify the tentative agreement by checking the "YES-ACCEPTED" box on your ballot.

  • Tentative Agreement Details

    Click here for the email we sent to members and here for the  summary of the Tentative Contract Agreement the link to which was in the body of the email. For details on the UHC High Deductible Health Plan and the UHC POS Value Plan that will go into effect in 2019, if members ratify the Tentative Agreement, CLICK HERE, but disregard the monthly premiums in effect for Administrators/Faculty. The 2018 deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums currently in effect for Administrators/Faculty will be in effect for UCATS members for the duration of the new contract. Deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket maximums for the UHC Choice Plus Plan (the plan in which 70% of our members are currently enrolled) are not changing in the new contract and are less than what Administrators/Faculty pay. If you selected either the Oxford or Aetna HMO for calendar year 2018 during open enrollment, you will have that plan for calendar year 2018.

  • Tentative Agreement Reached

    After a 7-and-a-half--hour bargaining session on Tuesday, December 4, that concluded at 9:45 pm, UCATS reached a tentative agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with NYU. As per Article XI of the UCATS constitution, the tentative agreement must now be submitted to the UCATS Executive Council (EC) for approval. The EC will be meeting on Monday evening to consider the tentative agreement. If approved by the EC, the tentative CBA will then be submitted to the membership for ratification. The bargaining team is currently preparing a document aggregating all of the changes/additions/improvements we have negotiated which will be posted to our website as soon as possible after the EC has approved the tentative CBA on Monday. We will send you an email when that has occurred. We will also do a postcard mailing to the entire membership. In the meantime, please do not call the union office or press a member of the bargaining team for specifics on the issue(s) near and dear to you. While we respect your right to know, we also have to respect everyone's right to know at the same time and everyone's right to know the entirety of the agreement, and that can only happen efficiently after the EC has met on Monday. Ratification will be conducted by mail ballot and be administered by the American Arbitration Association. Given the timing, we hope to get the ballots into the mail before the holidays but the process will likely not conclude until January. Shortly, we will announce a number of membership meetings during the week of December 18 for you to have an opportunity to ask questions and express your opinions to the bargaining team. The meeting schedule will be announced by email, postcard and on our website. The meetings will be scheduled at different times and locations to accommodate the many schedules our members work and where you work. While our work is not quite yet finished, we have entered what we hope to be the final phase. On behalf of the bargaining team I want to thank all who attended our rallies, wore your union buttons and kept up to date by reading our email. Please hang in there just a little longer while we dot the i's and cross the t's. In solidarity, Stephen Rechner President, UCATS

  • Bargaining Update Dec. 1

    Contract Extended - Again

    The UCATS bargaining team met with NYU yesterday from 2-11 pm, when the building we were in closed. We still do not have an agreement, but progress continued to inch forward and both sides agreed to a very short contract extension through next Wednesday, December 6, to facilitate one more, possibly two, bargaining sessions. Until then, please wear your union buttons! Rally at Colleges of Dentistry & Nursing On Thursday, UCATS members from the Colleges of Dentistry and Nursing sustained a spirited lunch-time rally in front of the CoD for TWO HOURS! Members came out in waves almost every 20 minutes or so which kept the picket line going and will send us in to bargaining today on a strong note. Members also came from the Law School, SPS, Bobst Library and Tisch. Click here for Rally Photo.  
  • Bargaining Update Nov. 22

    BARGAINING UPDATE: Yesterday, the UCATS bargaining team met with NYU from 3-8 pm. At the meeeting we responded with counterproposals to NYU's consolidated proposal that they presented to us last week, which they said at the time was "a framework for an agreement." Our discussions were pointed, difficult and lengthy, but we believe we are inching along. The major items remain to be settled, but the ball is back in NYU's court and we will be meeting with them again next Tuesday. In the meantime, you can support your team at the bargaining table next Tuesday by doing the following: 1. Wear your UNION BUTTON at work every day to show your Union pride and to support your bargaining team; 2. Sign and distribute our online petition "NYU: Respect Your Workers . . ."; tweet it, post it to your Facebook page, email the link to your friends/family - and coworkers who have still not signed up for UCATS email; 3. Ask those coworkers "Why haven't you signed up for UCATS email?!" We don't know what NYU's response(s) to our counterproposals will be on Tuesday, if they respond at all, so: SAVE THE DATE: Rally at the College of Dentistry 345 East 24th Street, at 1st Avenue Wednesday, November 29, 11:30-2 pm This is for YOU CoD and Nursing. UCATS President Stephen Rechner is taking a vacation day to be there - and he'll be taking attendance too!

  • Bargaining Update Nov. 15

    NYU's Contract Offer Suppresses Our Wages, Our Benefits and Our Rights!

    Last night, NYU finally gave the UCATS bargaining team their "comprehensive proposals" for a new collective bargaining agreement. We can only describe it as an extremely disheartening response to the many proposals we have made since mid-September on all our important issues. While we had held out some hope that the new NYU leadership would live up to their kinder, gentler rhetoric about valuing all members of the University community, unfortunately, their proposals continue the University's employment policies of suppressing employees' wages and benefits and attacking employees' rights and protections. They proposed very meager wage increases, the elimination of some valuable benefits, and they are trying to further limit our legal and contractual rights! After NYU presented their proposals, their team retreated to a room in the back of the building for a caucus but then refused to come back for over an hour while the rally of UCATS members and our supporters outside grew larger and louder. Why did the NYU team hide from our members? Here is the link to the story in today's Washington Square News. NYU needs to see and hear from YOU! We are planning more ways for you to show your support for a good contract. Stay tuned for details of our next contract support action on Monday, November 20th from noon to 2 PM in front of Bobst Library. Be there to show you are worth a decent raise, better benefits and enforceable legal rights! We will be bargaining with NYU later that day.
  • Bargaining Update: Rally for a Fair Contract 11/14

    CONTRACT RALLY BARGAINING UPDATE: It's November 8 -- do you know where NYU's wage proposal is or where their response to our wage proposal is? We don't. NYU wasted an entire bargaining session yesterday showing up with nothing but the holiday schedule for the next 6 years. What does that mean? IT MEANS THEY HAVEN'T HEARD YOU! What to do?

    RALLY FOR A FAIR CONTRACT! November 14, 4:30-6, 105 East 17th St.

    That's when and where our next bargaining session will be and UCATS Executive Council members who are not on the bargaining team will be there to get the rally going -- right outside the room where we will be bargaining. They'll hear you in bargaining if you're loud!   Sign up for UCATS email at www.ucats3882.org Follow us on Twitter @ucats3882
  • Bargaining Update Nov. 3

    Last night, NYU made a proposal to increase our monthly health insurance premiums and diminish our benefits by eliminating the two HMO options upon which about 30% of our members depend. They also proposed a very High Deductible Health Plan option. They asked us to consider their proposal without even a hint as to how we are to afford it. They have not made a wage proposal or responded to the wage proposal we gave them. Apparently, they haven't heard that UCATS members have an affordability crisis although we have been telling them this at the bargaining table since September 18, in several leafleting actions, and at a spirited rally on October 25 that over 150 of our members and supporters sustained for two hours. NYU's Director of Labor Relations, Sandi Dubin, stated again last night that NYU believes we can reach an agreement by November 30, and yet, she indicated that she might still not have a proposal on wages (or responses to some our other economic and non-economic proposals) for our next bargaining session on November 7. Lacking a wage proposal that addresses our affordability crisis AND addresses their proposed increases to our health insurance premiums makes reaching an agreement an extremely challenging aspiration at best. Since apparently NYU has not heard us at the bargaining table, at our leafleting actions or at the rally on October 25, we'll just have to find other ways to communicate louder. Save the date -- November 14 -- for a demonstration after work, location TBA. Your shop steward will also coordinate actions in your work areas. Stay strong, stay tuned. You're union, we're worth it!

  • Contract Extended through Nov. 30, 2017

    Our contract was set to expire October 31 but at our bargaining session with NYU on October 30 we negotiated an extension of our current agreement through November 30th to protect our contractual rights and all the terms and conditions of our employment. Although we've been negotiating with NYU since September 18th and have had 8 bargaining sessions to date, NYU just started responding to some of our proposals in the last 2 sessions. We have seen some encouraging things from them but also some things that are not so encouraging. At this time, many of our priority issues remain unaddressed such as: wages, limiting our ever-expanding job duties, concrete ways of recognizing years of service and a lot more. We would have liked to have had more and longer bargaining sessions with NYU prior to the contract's expiration, but NYU's Director of Labor Relations, Sandi Dubin, did not make her team available. We have bargaining sessions scheduled on November 2, 7, and 14. More sessions may be needed. With key issues unaddressed at this time, NYU could throw us a curve ball that could set everything back, so be sure to stay alert for possible contract support actions like last Wednesday's spirited 2-hour rally.

  • Student Senators Support Letter

    The Student Senators Council has sent a letter supporting UCATS effort to secure a new Collective Bargaining Agreement to NYU President Andrew Hamilton. To read the letter CLICK HERE.

  • Contract Bargaining Bulletin 4

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  • 2017 Contract Bargaining Survey