Bargaining Update Nov. 3

Last night, NYU made a proposal to increase our monthly health insurance premiums and diminish our benefits by eliminating the two HMO options upon which about 30% of our members depend. They also proposed a very High Deductible Health Plan option. They asked us to consider their proposal without even a hint as to how we are to afford it. They have not made a wage proposal or responded to the wage proposal we gave them. Apparently, they haven’t heard that UCATS members have an affordability crisis although we have been telling them this at the bargaining table since September 18, in several leafleting actions, and at a spirited rally on October 25 that over 150 of our members and supporters sustained for two hours.

NYU’s Director of Labor Relations, Sandi Dubin, stated again last night that NYU believes we can reach an agreement by November 30, and yet, she indicated that she might still not have a proposal on wages (or responses to some our other economic and non-economic proposals) for our next bargaining session on November 7. Lacking a wage proposal that addresses our affordability crisis AND addresses their proposed increases to our health insurance premiums makes reaching an agreement an extremely challenging aspiration at best.

Since apparently NYU has not heard us at the bargaining table, at our leafleting actions or at the rally on October 25, we’ll just have to find other ways to communicate louder. Save the date — November 14 — for a demonstration after work, location TBA. Your shop steward will also coordinate actions in your work areas. Stay strong, stay tuned. You’re union, we’re worth it!