Bargaining Update Nov. 15

NYU’s Contract Offer Suppresses Our Wages, Our Benefits and Our Rights!

Last night, NYU finally gave the UCATS bargaining team their “comprehensive proposals” for a new collective bargaining agreement. We can only describe it as an extremely disheartening response to the many proposals we have made since mid-September on all our important issues.

While we had held out some hope that the new NYU leadership would live up to their kinder, gentler rhetoric about valuing all members of the University community, unfortunately, their proposals continue the University’s employment policies of suppressing employees’ wages and benefits and attacking employees’ rights and protections. They proposed very meager wage increases, the elimination of some valuable benefits, and they are trying to further limit our legal and contractual rights!

After NYU presented their proposals, their team retreated to a room in the back of the building for a caucus but then refused to come back for over an hour while the rally of UCATS members and our supporters outside grew larger and louder. Why did the NYU team hide from our members? Here is the link to the story in today’s Washington Square News.

NYU needs to see and hear from YOU! We are planning more ways for you to show your support for a good contract. Stay tuned for details of our next contract support action on Monday, November 20th from noon to 2 PM in front of Bobst Library. Be there to show you are worth a decent raise, better benefits and enforceable legal rights! We will be bargaining with NYU later that day.